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Training Objectives :
The tourism commercial development and management manager presents themselves either as a local and intermediate manager who occupies a pivotal position between the operational teams and the general or commercial management, or as a sales operational responsible for a tourism sector, unit, range or type of clientele who organises their activity in complete autonomy to achieve their objectives.

They are defined as one who plays a role in:

  • The development of the tourism business through the development of the customer portfolio and turnover (either by making their own sales or by supervising their team),
  • Management of commercial tourism activity: it analyses figures and translates management’s strategic orientations into operational commercial decisions within its area of responsibility.

This program leads to the title of Level 6 Operational Manager in Tourism Business Management, a certification registered in the RNCP (French National Register of Professional Certifications) by order of 23 February 2017. Published in the Official Journal of 3 March 2017, delivered by Ascencia Business School – Collège de Paris.

Keyce Tourisme, école supérieur de Tourisme


In 3 years.

  • Geographical approach to tourism and territories
  • Territories
  • Approach to different types of tourism
  • File follow-up
  • The institutional and economic actors of tourism
  • The hotel industry
  • Approach of the professions
  • Professional Conferences
  • Business surveys
  • Methodological support
  • Market research
  • Marketing and sales approach
  • The distribution of tourist products
  • The specificities of the tourism and hotel industry
  • Analysis and understanding of hotel markets
  • The great strides of the international hotel sector
  • Communication strategy and tourism
  • Methodological support
  • Follow-up and implementation of a tourism product
  • Written communication
  • Oral Communication Public Speaking
  • First approach of the company
  • Understanding the business environment in tourism and hotel industry
  • The fundamentals of management
  • Budget Management
  • Fundamentals of Revenue management
  • Mastery of office automation tools
  • Software dedicated to the tourism and hotel sector
  • Mastery of usual vocabulary
  • French civilization
  • Approach to the vocabulary of the tourism and hotel industry
  • Management of a team and tourism organizations
  • Management of a service of a tourist structure
  • Intercultural Management
  • Philosophy of economics and business
  • Management and budget of a tourist service or site
  • Management control of commercial, tourism and marketing activities
  • Management information technology : ERP, commercial databases, reservation software
  • Advanced Office Tools
  • Operational Marketing
  • Strategic Tourism Marketing
  • Global communication / e-tourism
  • Career path: Tourism (actors, product assembly, events, territory)
  • The legal framework for trade, tourism and e-tourism
  • Steering commercial performance
  • Commercial action plan
  • Negotiation
  • Fundamentals of HRM
  • Social law, labour law
  • Conflict Management
  • LV1: English for Tourism
  • Company project
  • Professional insertion tools, business game
  • Activity report


Prerequisites to enter the formation :
Academic level required: 180 ECTS credits or 3 years of university studies.

The evaluation modalities are presented at the “Information and Admission Session” meeting.

Response time after first request: 48 hours

Rythme :
From the 3rd year: 3 days at school every fortnight
Hours of face-to-face training : 567 hours / year

Success rate :
No previous results.

Professional integration :
No previous results.

Employment opportunities :

  • Head of structure
  • Head of Reception
  • Cultural site manager
  • Head of tourism products
  • Tourist office representative
  • Tourist Stay Coordinator

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