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Make your talent a success! 
Make your talent a success! 


In 2021, Keyce Academy celebrated 10 years of existence and the achievement of a new milestone: today, 1200 students benefit from the teachings of 230 trainers and are trained from BAC+2 to BAC+5 in the fields of sales, management, marketing, communication or HR, IT, tourism and health.

We offer individualised support to each person with a disability who wishes to join one of our establishments. You can be put in touch with our disability advisor or benefit from the support of one of our partners : Tremplin Handicap (Handicap for access to work-linked employment or internships) and Neurogroupe for neuro-atypical people.

Our campuses have been Qualiopi certified Qualiopi since 2020, a real guarantee of seriousness and quality for all our training courses. This national certification aims to attest to the quality of the process implemented by the providers of actions contributing to the development of skills and to allow greater readability of the training offer for companies and beneficiaries.

The quality certification has been issued for the following categories of actions:

  • Training actions
  • Training by apprenticeship, as defined in article L.6211-2 of the Labour Code


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International destinations

and values

In addition to the values of sharing and support that we share with our students/learners, our DNA is based on three fundamental pillars to ensure the success of our keyciens:

By joining Keyce Academy, you will have the opportunity to be trained by professionals, combining theoretical and practical learning.

Project-based training, based solely on real company cases, allows learners to benefit from a fulfilling, innovative and professional education.

We place great emphasis on pedagogical innovation by offering courses outside the campus: an English course in an English-speaking café, an events module in a communications agency, an immersion course in the role of a tourist guide by offering a trip or even handling reptiles for future veterinary assistants. All these experiences will be offered to you to make you the professionals of tomorrow.

Keyce Academy prepares you to obtain state diplomas (BTS), certifications recognised by the state or by international evaluation organisations (RNCP titles).

Each learner/student is supported in the success of his/her professional project thanks to a personalised, close supervision.

To ensure complete follow-up throughout your studies, our teams of training advisors provide regular updates to you and your host company.

Whether you wish to do an internship or a work-study programme, our teams organise seminars on company search techniques (creation of a CV, covering letter, LinkedIn module) in order to assist you in the best possible conditions during your search.

At the heart of our international system: a network of representatives on 5 continents, university partners in 15 countries, campuses in Dubai, Washington, Bangalore, Conakry and Malta.

Our international outlook also means welcoming international students or allowing our students to do their internships or part of their training abroad.



Creation of ESCAP SUP


Aline DESTAILLATS takes over the management of the school

ESCAP SUP becomes Keyce Academy


Opening of the tourism school: Keyce Tourisme


Opening of the health school: Keyce Santé


Creation of the French University of Guinea (UFG)


Integration into the Collège de Paris network

Opening of the computer science school: Open I.T

Move to the Montpellier campus (Pérols


Opening of the School of Security

Opening of the Digital Collège Montpellier

Opening of the Thierry Marx College

Opening oh the Keyce Santé in Narbonne


Opening the FISE Academy by Keyce

Opening of the Opent I.T in Clermont-Ferrand

Opening of the Keyce Santé in Toulouse & Bordeaux

Opening of the Opent I.T in Cameroun

Opening of an annex to the main campus in Montpellier


Opening of Keyce Academy campuses in Nîmes, Toulouse and Martinique


A word from

Aline DESTAILLATS, Director of Keyce

« Make your talents a success! »

How to choose a school to pursue your studies, the choice is decisive, the major stake. Your project is unlike any other, your qualities, talents and aspirations must be supported. Because this project is unique, it requires that we devote time to it together. I hope you find the program that will allow your potential to blossom, the campus that will allow your personality to express itself, and I wish you an excellent Keycian year.

I hope to meet you soon.
Welcome to the #KeyceFamily.

Aline DESTAILLATS à Keyce Academy

The team

The #KeyceFamily is also a friendly and dynamic team that is always ready to listen to you.

Your contacts

Aline DESTAILLATS à Keyce Academy

Aline Destaillats



Lena Destaillat

International development manager


Yasmina El Boussouni

Head of international admissions


Cédric Berchel

International pedagogical Manager

Séverine MOREL à Keyce Academy

Séverine MOREL

Campus manager Montpellier

Véronique ROUSSELIN à Keyce Academy


Director of Studies


Stéphanie D'ANDRIA

Head of Keyce Tourisme / International mobility referent


Mégane Lemaitre

Communication and Events Manager - Keyce Academy


Johan Letombe

Responsable of Keyce Business School Montpellier


Olivier Maurin

Head of Open I.T

Mathilde PIZON à Keyce Academy

Mathilde Pizon

Campus Manager Caraïbes

DESSONNET MarieChristine

Marie-Christine DESSONET

Referent handicap

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