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MBA Management and corporate strategy



Training Objectives :
Management, in the field of companies, consists, after having carried out studies of the situations and needs of the services (production, commercial, administrative, financial…), in making choices (strategic, marketing, financial, but also investment, human resources, etc.). This to enable the company as a whole to have the best possible results on its markets. This activity is common to all sectors and all departments of the company.

The business unit manager collaborates on the major strategic orientations and steers the implementation of projects in its commercial and marketing, human and financial dimensions.

Pivot between strategic development and operational management, he/she optimizes the management of his/her resources and ensures the long-term development of his/her unit. It communicates with all the company’s departments and sets up an information system.

The Business Unit Manager is generally responsible for marketing policy, budget management and supervision. He or she articulates his or her activities within the framework of the company’s general policy. He/she effectively defines and steers the commercial strategy. In this capacity, he/she analyses complex situations in order to make strategic proposals within his/her unit.

This training leads to the title of level 7 Manager of Operational Units. Certification registered with the RNCP by decree of 7 July 2017, published in the Official Journal of 19 July 2017, delivered by the Association pour le Collège de Paris – Institut Supérieur de l’Entreprise.

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  • Business Economics
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Business Management
  • Strategic Action Plan
  • English – Business news
  • Competency report and professional dissertation
  • Tools for professional insertion
  • Economics of entrepreneurship
  • Business Plan
  • Corporate policy and strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Growth Strategy
  • CSR
  • Internal communication
  • English – Business strategy
  • Competency report and professional dissertation
  • Tools for professional insertion
  • Business creation and takeover
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Commercial strategy
  • Innovation marketing
  • Commercial contract law
  • Commercial negotiation and calls for tenders
  • Partnership Management
  • English – Business development
  • Competency report and professional dissertation
  • Professional insertion tools
  • CRE and Business plan
  • Lean management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Purchasing Management
  • Supply chain
  • Production management
  • Financing of a CRE project
  • Accounting and financial management
  • English – Resources management
  • Competency report and professional dissertation
  • Professional insertion tools
  • Organizational Management
  • HR Development
  • Team management
  • Intercultural Management
  • Sociology of Organizations
  • Leadership
  • Social and labour law
  • Project Management
  • English – Team management
  • Competency report and professional dissertation
  • Professional insertion tools
  • Communication: Pitcher and present his project


Prerequisites to enter the formation:

Academic level required: 180 ECTS credits or 3 years of university studies

The evaluation modalities are presented at the “Information and Admission Session” meeting.

Response time after first request: 48 hours

Rythme :
Duration : 2 years (4 semesters)
Initial training: Internships (recommended abroad): 4 months each year
Possible alternation: 3 days every 15 days
Hours of face-to-face training : 550 hours / year

Success rate :
Exam pass rate: no previous results

Professional integration :
No previous results

Employment opportunities

  • Brand Manager
  • Strategic Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Commercial Director
  • Business Engineer


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