FISE Business School

Combining passion and education with the professions of the Action Sports economy.

FISE Business School

Training experts in Action Sports

Sous l’impulsion du FISE, le Festival International des Sports Extrêmes, et de Keyce Academy, FISE business school by Keyce propose des formations dans le marketing et le management spécialisées dans le secteur du sport et de l’entertainment.

Created in 1997, the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes), with more than 1 million spectators per year, has become a must. Its founder Hervé André Benoit, today director of Hurricane Group, in collaboration with Keyce Academy have developed, together, a network of Action Sports schools, FISE Academy by Keyce, which initiate and ensure the progression of tomorrow’s talents in BMX, Kitesurfing, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding and many others, while tackling the subjects of economics, business and management.

This new school offers a curriculum dedicated to marketing project management in the sports of tomorrow: business / marketing / management and communication.

Discovering, learning, progressing, the student and the company are at the heart of the pedagogy with a common desire: to combine passion and education with the business of Sports Actions. This combination allows students to deepen their understanding of these worlds, their challenges and the opportunities they present. This school aims to create a new generation of collaborators, and to see in these future classes the future of the festival.

The curriculum will be mainly in English. The lecturers are professionals, most of whom are part of the FISE organisation. Their alter ego who intervenes on the Montpellier campus, intervene at the Keyce Business School.

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The training courses :

The training courses offered at the Keyce campus:

The “FISE Academy by Keyce” programme will be accessible from Baccalaureate level, with the possibility of pursuing a five-year course with two international programmes:

BBA Action Sports Marketing & Management


MBA Action Sports Marketing & Governance


The courses will be given on the Keyce Academy campus (Pérols - 34) and at the Hurricane Group headquarters (Baillargues - 34).

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