BDE and community projects

BDE and community projects

BDE and community projects

BDE and community projects

Throughout your studies, events, trips and projects take place. These activities are created by learners, for learners.

The Student Office (BDE) and the Klubs stimulate student life and sports on our campus.

These collective projects develop a spirit of unity between students from different schools, but also with the teaching staff. The Alumni network, a meeting place for graduates and future graduates, is an accelerator of opportunities.

Adopt your Klub !

By joining one of the schools present on the Keyce Academy campuses, you have the opportunity to join a Klub (yes Klub with a K like Keyce 😉 ).

The aim of these Klubs is to offer additional value to ‘traditional’ courses. Each keycien can, if they wish, join one or more activities offered by the campus free of charge, which will be led by speakers who are experts in their field or by student volunteers.

These activities are offered after classes, in the students’ free time, whether they are on a sandwich course, an internship or an initial training course.

Keyce Academy wishes to invest in offering Klubs as a complement to the curriculum, to enrich the CVs and reinforce the skills of its learners. The best way to differentiate yourself from another profile during an interview is to prove the investment you are capable of in the subjects, technologies and know-how that you are passionate about.

The list of Klubs offered :

Le Klub Human Key Light (HKL)

This Klub aims to raise awareness among students/learners on humanitarian, civic and ecological issues.

Le Klub de Sport

A sports coach dedicated to this klub will accompany students during sports sessions after classes.

Le klub robotique

This Klub will allow you to manipulate hardware and to complete the knowledge and skills in application development.

Le Klub théâtre

Each year, Keyce offers a theatre workshop in its courses to allow students/learners to develop their self-confidence.

Le Klub E-sport

Through various competitions and tournaments, students challenge their peers and sharpen their personalities around cooperative work.

Le Klub IA (Intelligence Artificielle)

This Klub will allow you to understand the challenges of AI and to improve your versatile knowledge in development.

Le Klub Cybersécurité

In addition to the 350 hours of cybersecurity courses offered by Keyce Informatique, students/learners complete their knowledge of cybersecurity through practical exercises and simulations.

Can’t find the right Klub for you…

Unite your classmates and friends around your common passions.

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